2 Sep 2008

Banksy no-show and sushi

Well, D is finally moved out of his old house. I am sad and will miss it, but his new house is really cool too.Goodbye old nice house!

We spent Saturday evening feeling 17 again with our friend- there was a frantic and fruitless drive around town at midnight looking for somewhere that sold playing cards, but enjoyed playing some classic System Of A Down tunes nevertheless. We then retired to a bare room with a bare mattress on the floor and talked for a long time about frivolous things like computer games.

Last night I met an old school friend, and we went out for sushi. It wasn't akward at all, as we used to be best friends for years but, as usual, due to circumstance we drifted our seperate ways. We chatted and laughed and it was like we hadn't been apart at all. It was also the first time we had both been out to a proper resturant to eat sushi, which was fun. This helped ease our worries about sushi etiquette! We had tea in these cool sushi mugs:
I also had coconut ice-cream for pudding. Fabulous!

Today I went on a Banksy-hunt with a friend in Shoreditch. Sadly our Banksy Map wasn't very reliable and all of the pieces listed have obviously been removed. I didn't think his pieces were all that elusive anyway; what with them beginning to be protected:
(on the side of the Prince Albert pub, Brighton- curtesy of some other blogger)

Funnily, I am not all that interested in Banksy, but it was a nice day out. I really like Shoreditch and Hoxton and they're great areas to go exploring in. Here's some photos of my day out.
Lego bricks in a design studio shop-window

I loved this last piece. As my tutor always says, sometimes a whisper is louder than a shout. I found this amongst garish grafitti tags and pastes.

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