24 Jul 2009

Yesterday we celebrated the Apollo 11 40th anniversary with a very informal event organized by a friend of mine. There was some music, art on the walls (above! mine on the left, lewis' on the right), delicious food provided by the lovely Tony Tang, and a no-show from an astronomy professor. Although not many people turned up, those who did certainly made up for it- I met lovely, interesting and friendly people for the first time, plus some lovely old friends showed up, which is always a wonderful surprise. The original plans for live "ambient moon music" soon evolved into everyone contributing with drums being made out of plastic tubs, tins, and jars, with a wonderful singer, and her adoreable two children amusing themselves using pots of nuts as "maracas" and tin trays as "drums".
My dear friend Nina also surprised me with these prints that I BEGGED her for. Yay! They are made from digitally-collaged photos of crockery found by the Thames.

ALSO LOL I have had my work experience at IKEA confirmed, after winning this competition...... I'll apparently be working in the "communication and interior design" team, described as "a busy team looking after the store and ensuring that our products are displayed in inspiring and innovative ways." I hope this does not mean I'll have a week of "tidying" the store...... fingers crossed!

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