28 Jun 2010

Horniman's Museum

Horniman's Museum is probably my favorite museum ever. I have super fond memories of going there as a child and I still remember all the popular exhibits. It's such a good place with it's own little quirks (still has a lot of the Victorian cabinets, and typewriter signage from the 60's/70's), but it's had a nice makeover in a few of the spaces with an ace new aquarium in the basement and cool interactive musical instrument archive. the "natural history gallery" (which features the victorian cabinets and typewriter signage) is exactly as i remember it from my childhood and i fear has been sidelined in funds due to perhaps its controversial content (basically, loads of stuffed/pickled victorian animals). I've always had a huge soft spot for this collection and I hope it doesn't fall into further disrepair... it's an important part of history and it would be nice to retain it's old-fashioned feel and perhaps add some more knowledge about the history of the collection. anyway i've rambled now about stuff that probably doesn't interest you. here's a mixture of drawings from my visit this month.

turns out the Egyptian hand (above) is the oldest known musical instrument (it comes as a pair and is a little clapper! eeh)

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