2 Feb 2011

Fabulous vintage kitchenware D & I recieved for Christmas from his mama.
Below are: handpainted crockpot and handpainted serving dish from Poole pottery. No idea of the date of these items, though :(

We also recieved this superduper breadbin, and to top it all off, a breadmaker! I'm a doorstep convert- normal sandwiches made from thin slices of shopbread will not suffice!
- i assume the breadbin is from the 60's-70's, thanks to that awesome font and the funky emerald paintjob- inside the bin is painted white.
More of our kitchen (and boring ol' life!) here: Living flickr set


Teenysparkles said...

I'm so jealous! That crockpot is amazing. Hey, I have one but was unsure if it would tolerate oven temp......is it ok to put it in the stove on a high temp?

Katie said...

eek! i havent actually used it yet- for the same fear you have! i've used the serving dish......
but, the crock pot is designed to be used, it surely must be able to withstand the oven. eeeeek. but those pretty painted mushrooms....... :S
i'll have to let you know if i bite the bullet!