1 Apr 2011

Daddy Cool

... and mummy cool. Mum and dad were married in the 60's and have had some pretty awesome fashions. Dad was a jazz dude and mum a fashion/arts college girl.

Love this photo below of them. They look very happy and mum looks really pretty.

Mum and her parents. I do love a good overcoat, all three are pretty ace!

Oh mum! Check out the matching curtains and sofa. I think she still looks cool with a purdy bowl haircut, though!

I remember dad still had that belt until a few years ago (and the haircut!)

I think dad was late teens in the photo below, so it would be in the 50's sometime. I don't think there's many photos of him when he was young.
Rocking some aviators

Haha this one is ace. Mum made her suit. She has matching yellow platform clogs. Wahoo!

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Teeny said...

CLASSIC, your parents are cute. I can't believe she made that amazing suit. Well I can, but you know, I'm saying it looks like a clever sewing job