1 Apr 2011

Old photos

this post is inspired by KLV's very own nostalgia pics here :)
These pics were recently sent to my dad by his sister-in-law. Dad grew up in South London and was born in the family home which was lived in by the family until approx. 20 yrs ago. I remember the terrace house (edwardian?) lovely high ceilings, wooden drafty floors and big bay windows. or at least it seemed huge to me as a child, and probably seemed extra drafty too.

the picture below, i assume, is in the front room- i dont think i ever went in there (the back room was a living room and i think the front room was converted into my nan's bedroom). i remember snippets of my nan, but she must have died when i was very young because i sadly don't remember it happening. My dad's father died when he was a teen, and I know very little about him. My grandfather looks incredibly similar to my uncle in this photo. My dad and his siblings all look very similar to grandfather + each other!

The next photo is (l-r) of my nan, uncle, great aunt, and my dad is the littl'un- photo must have been mid-late 40's? I have no idea where the photo was taken. Digging nan's headscarf!

TTFN. More to come, maybe


KeironLeVine said...

:) Yay! I shoulda included as much information as youuuu. Yes more, not maybe!

Katie said...

Yes definitely! Love hearing old stories and memories. I might put some up of my funky parents next :P