15 Apr 2011

Red and Black

Was gonna upload a couple of these pics, but realised I had a few more combos of red and black to add to them :)

Above: Snippets from Le Silifer magazine, I assume from 1968 from the dates in the mag. it's about architecture but can't find anything about the publication online.
Above: 1967 instruction book from my Spirograph set.
Above: A projector lamp box from 1977 (found in a stock cupboard in the science department at school)
The Studio art magazine cover from 1951

It's all about limited colour and half tone!


Marthaamay O_o said...

Spirograoh was something that was always on my Christmas list, but I never got it. A book of patterns would have been a great thing to make.. I suppose it's not ever too late!

Katie said...

i got mine for a few pounds in a charity shop! never too late!