5 Jun 2011

half term

I haven't written a blog in almost a month-- and i wonder why my stats are slow?? haha idiot. busy stuff at the moment.

i've been taking loads of photos recently- only problem is, they're all on a roll from my diana mini, 70-odd photos from the past month waiting to be processed!

above: lovely little vintage tin bought for me by my colleague.

Bank holiday weekend was spent visiting out friend in Bristol. first time I've ever been and it was lovely! Will write more about our weekend when i get my stupid photos developed-- but here's two nice little book purchases. Daniel bought Frontier of the Unknown for himself as a holiday book- the tagline "a novel of the men of the future working in a nuclear plant" sounds exciting, but the blurb on the back less so! I was really impressed with the lovely overlapping handdrawn futuristic dial panels, though. and the typography!

Tales of the Greek Heroes- bought this comprehensive book to help us with our weekly pub quiz (always an inevitable question about Greek myths!) and got a double whammy with this lovely illustrated cover. The colouring is great, and each chapter has a nice line drawing header, too.

Below is a little snippet of the elements in our wedding invites ive now completed. Theyre at the printers as I write!

Had a wander around our local area to a very nice pub and the nearby churchyard and fields. Discovered we have hidden alottments in our town! we poked our heads in and saw a rabbit nibbling on someone's lettuces... poor gardeners! I liked the handpainted sign in the communal hut.

Lastly I picked some daisies from our walk.

Must hurry up and get my photos developed!