19 Jun 2011

Old Wives Tales

So absolutely ages ago, I came up with the idea of a little illustration project centred around old traditional sayings and superstitions that are passed down through generations.

I liked the idea of drawing visual inspiration from old fashioned folky imagery, so thought linocuts would be ideal. (Also useful for me to test out my new linocutting kit :)) My wonderful friend Polly joined me, also wanting to get going with some linos. She usually works with intricate papercuts with handpainted paper, so her final linoprints are beautifully well planned, precise and delicate.

And here is the final product! Four handmade prints on lovely printing paper, all packaged up and being sold on my etsy shop.
Above: Bad luck comes in threes; break a match by Katie
If a woman develops curls on her head, her man has not long to live by Polly
Hang a root of rhododendron round your neck to ward off savage dogs you may meet by Katie
Share a strawberry, fall in love by Polly

Just a note about Bad luck comes in threes- my mum and nanny always use this superstition, which has of course passed onto me. I had a bit of artists block before the project, and came up with the yellow image below, consisting of ink drawings and digital colourings.
I wasn't very happy with the outcome (far too flat) -but liked the idea. luckily i had a brainwave and came up with the more ~dynamic~ lino version.
much better!

say hi to Polly on twitter and check out the pack of prints on etsy :)


KeironLeVine said...

Ahh good stuff, keep up the blogging!!

SisterBatik said...

Hey : )

Thanks for coming by my blog this morning and commenting, which helped me with my write-up.

These lino prints are cool - I hope they do well. I am superstitious.