12 Jul 2011

maps and flowers

Quick update of some summer photos:

i was sick last week and daniel bought me this beautiful gerbera(?) to cheer me up! i love the subtle coral hues. sadly our flat is far too hot for it to survive, so i snapped a photo of the lovely colours before it wilted.
sweet map my granddad gave me along with his car I bought from him. he's giving up driving at the age of 89!
I also made a bow from another OS map for my mum's birthday card this week :) we went to a very nice pub which had some great veggie dishes for her and my nana.
More updates soon!


Teeny said...

that bow is very effective! Who would'a thought a map eh. The Gerbera is cute too. sorry to hear you were sick, i'm sick now. And grumpy.

KeironLeVine said...

The bow is great!!