24 Jul 2011


So, I work as an art technician in two schools. The photos in this post are from the pupils in one of my schools, from the GCSE & Btech students' end of year exhibition (which happened a few weeks back). I've already written a post HERE about the typography in the exhibition, and this post is about some great fashion/textural pieces.
I was so incredibly impressed with the quality of work that these young people created. The atmosphere in the art department is really positive and I have a great time working there- and I think the atmosphere shows through in their work, too! It's not suitable for me to mention any names of the students or the name of the school, but I would like to highlight that all of this work is not by me and I only took the photos. The work is by students who are 15-16 years old. Amazing!

The students have projects based around recycling and fashion, reflected in the pieces below.
Above: Textural experiment made from latex rubber gloves
Above: Beautiful headpiece made from 'soda' cans. This work reminds me a lot of the masks/headpieces by my lovely friend Keiron
Above: Shoulder detail from a papier-mache waistcoat. Scales/feathers made from construction paper. BTech students do a project on cubist fashion, where their final piece is an item of clothing made from paper crafts and origami.

Above: I think this was a study in different materials a shoe could be made of. Again, cut soda cans.

More to come :)

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