30 Jul 2011

Textured textiles

Last installment! a bit late.
So, I work as an art technician in two schools. The photos in this post are from the pupils in one of my schools, from the GCSE & Btech students' end of year exhibition.
I was so incredibly impressed with the quality of work that these young people created. The atmosphere in the art department is really positive and I have a great time working there- and I think the atmosphere shows through in their work, too!
It's not suitable for me to mention any names of the students or the name of the school, but I would like to highlight that all of this work is not by me and I only took the photos. The work is by students who are 15-18 years old. Amazing!

The work below summarizes some great fashion/textiles/textural/conceptual work.

above: re purposed dress covered in bank notes (6th form work)

above and below: more 6th form experimental textiles. they have a great sense of colour and texture. the above piece makes up a large, vintage, worn, sepia-toned montage, using large stitches, photo transfers, burnt paper, burlap fabric...
the below piece uses embroidery, felt, collage, and woven recycled plastic and more to create a wall-hanging.

above: beautiful 6th form textiles piece experimenting with different stitches and exposed fabrics.
above and below: a GCSE student's final piece, a montage of open-mouthed magazine models who have been defaced using thick, garish oil pastels(?) or crayons, and stitched into with chunky embroidery thread. The result is beautifully designed yet disturbing.
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Well done to all the students and staff involved. All the students' work is so impressive :)

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