16 Jul 2011

typography inspiration

So, I work as an art technician in two schools. The photos in this post are from the pupils in one of my schools, from the GCSE & Btech students' end of year exhibition (which happened a few weeks back).
I was so incredibly impressed with the quality of work that these young people created. The atmosphere in the art department is really positive and I have a great time working there- and I think the atmosphere shows through in their work, too!
It's not suitable for me to mention any names of the students or the name of the school, but I would like to highlight that all of this work is not by me and I only took the photos. The work is by students who are 15-16 years old. Amazing!

This first set of photos are of some really inspiring sections of typography, found in books, final pieces etc. This is of course my area of ~special interest~ and I have especially been inspired to do some semi-3D typography work after seeing their exhibition.

the kids did a graffiti workshop with a great artist. They made stencils of words to describe themselves (i think the above word was 'hope'). The artist's aim was to change their perception that graffiti was about tagging and marking territory.

This was from a student's final piece. I think the techniques used here are really sophisticated, and really like the combination of textures and colours.
Some sketchbook work. The kids are never afraid to have things sticking out of their books and most of them cant close their sketchbooks anymore, cus they're so full of work :)
more sketchbook work, above and below. the work is by the same student. I love the thick daubs of acrylic paint and the evidence of brushstrokes.

Above- Tracey Emin-esque typography work.
More awesome spray stencils. Yellow and turquoise are awesome! I think all the students have a really strong sense of colour and texture.

More pics to come :)

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