28 Sep 2011

More books

Just a few more lovely book covers. Mum and dad were having a clear out and offered them to me before they went to the charity shop
Above: 1966 Guinness World Record book. I was really hoping it would be full of awesome colour plates of mad stuff, but its just chocka block with tiny writing and facts- lol. Cool cover design tho.
Below: My recorder book from when I was a kid! It's a handmedown from a family friend. Published 1950

Penguin book of Kites- 1976. Love everything about this- even the unusual square format.
Below: mad ~Canals Book~ from 1975! Who knows why my parents had this little treasure!
Lastly, here's some pretty flowers

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Marthaamay O_o said...

A canal book! To read whilst on the canal or dreaming of being there? Is it a map too?