21 Sep 2011

Summer Retrospective

The lovely thing about film is taking a whole bunch of photos, saving up a drawer full of rolls of film, and getting them developed in one big go. These are the first fruits of my 'new' (birthday present in April!) Diana Mini. It's a wonderful camera for sunny blue sky days.

Above and below: the British & World Marbles Championship, held in a pub just down the road from where we live. Being a 'townie' it is a serious novelty seeing two blokes turn up to watch the marbles ON TRACTORS! As you can see, beer is a very important part of the Marbles Championship.

Above: We visited the Booth Museum of Natural History near Brighton. Below: accidental double exposure- the tanks are dioramas from the museum.

Above and below: blue sky daytrips. Little Jake is my new brother in law!

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Teeny said...

Great colours Katie. And you're adorable in your double exposure too.