25 Sep 2011

Sunday inspiration

Just a few things that have been mulling around in my brain this week

lovely Matisse papercut, above. It's all about drawing with scissors. Stunning.
Below: painter Elaine Pamphilon, who I stumbled upon through her commissioned pin badges at the Tate. I suppose her style is 'naive', mainly still lives of flat pots and objects. I really picked up on her use of textures, typography and pattern. It's also nice sometimes to be reminded that you can loosen up a bit in regards to the depiction of reality... :) The below image is slightly different from her usual 'safe' still lives (slightly more illustrative- i suppose that's why i like it!)

Above and below: Bit of a different choice from the previous images, but Maurizio Anzeri's work caught me off guard whilst browsing the internet... evokes so many ideas of shrouds & fashion.. The intricate and precise embroidery also reminds me of spirographs... I love the below Dazed and Confused commission, pushing the contrast of his precise patterns against the wild loose ends of thread... makes me shudder.

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