13 Sep 2011

Woodland UFOs

I'm still catching up on blogposts I've been meaning to write!
I was lucky enough to visit Goodwood Sculpture Park way back in July, on a school trip with some students. The sculptures are set in beautiful peaceful woodland. Visitors are welcome to follow beaten paths to view the artwork, which is set both in brush and on open grassland. I had a wonderful day- the students well behaved, it was sunny, and was a welcome day of calm amid the stress of work (end of term gets a bit hairy!).
This first post is about some pieces by Eilis O'Connell. I was fascinated by the infinite shades of grey and white created by the dappled sunlight. Her pieces look like UFOs that have landed 30 years ago and have never been discovered in the secluded woodland.

I could have taken photos of these sculptures all day, waiting for the light to change and finding different angles and nuances!

i also like how this last sculpture looks like a bottom.

More pictures coming soon :)

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