13 Oct 2011

the devil's in the detail

This week's theme on Art School Disco was the Devil.

Driving to work everyday I listen to Woman's Hour, and last week featured an Old Time/ American folk band called the Buffalo Gals, who talked about the origins of the genre and Appalachian clogging. They discussed the role of women in the genre and how in the past it was uncouth for women to play the fiddle- a frivolous instrument where (heaven forbid!) the player can dance as well as play. The interviewee said the fiddle was called "the devil's box".

I had a lot of fun researching this genre further online... a few more illos may also be in the pipeline after finding some more mad imagery and superstitions. But in the meantime here's a great video:

So after wrestling with some sketches I made these papercuts. Matisse's favorite: drawing with scissors.

Throw in some crayon lettering & to the scanner!
I like both colourways- the white background looks cleaner and simpler, but the cream background looks more finished. Keiron prefers the cream background so I plumped for that as my final image. :)

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