16 Oct 2011

Unknown Craftsmen

Last week I had a lovely saturday in London with my mum. We had planned to attend Renegade Art Fair, but the underground was up the creek so we ended up at the V&A museum and then the British Museum. At the V&A we saw The Power of Making, an exhibition curated by the Craft Council. It displays 100 strange, thoughtful, clever and beautiful objects, all handcrafted. Check out my sketchbook images below for my drawing of a funky 'lion coffin', crafted in Ghana.

We had a wander around the bookshop then some of the permanent collection. I took some sneaky photos of some book illustrations in the Asia collection- I'm always interested by images that tell a whole story in one image- see image above left. We then head over to the British Museum where they had gone Grayson Perry mad! People dressed as teddies (inspired by Perry's teddy, Alan Measles) and huge tables of children doodled on cut-out pots to form a giant image for The Big Draw (see image above right).
I went into The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman exhibition, items from the British Museum curated by Grayson Perry, alongside his own pieces. The exhibition space was cramped and full of displays, thoughtfully planned out placing interesting pieces together. It was fantastic seeing historical objects curated by an artist. He has a great eye for well crafted objects and ones that tell a story. I could have drawn in my sketchbook all afternoon but a rushed hour was about enough to take it all in and doodle the items of specific interest to me. I came away with my head spinning and bursting with inspiration and ideas.


KeironLeVine said...

The video said that the Ghanian coffin tradition is really recent, like a couple generations. Apparently this man's wife always wanted to travel so when she died he built her a plane coffin! Jealous you saw one

Katie said...

wicked- yeah it looked like new. also i swear ive seen an aeroplane one recently- it was on that Four Rooms tv show! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8MXVwBtO3A

KeironLeVine said...

Cool!! Here's another video :D