13 Mar 2012

Open/Closed Exhibition

another longtime no blog! I still need to do a little write up about the exhibition i took part in last month. Open/Closed was devised by Ben and Doug, creating a pop-up exhibition in a studio space at The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey. Art School Disco, our badass ~illustration collective~, all exhibited, along with a few others ;)

--- urgh --- my blogger uploader is mad-- uploads in a random order? here's a photo dump, in some sort of random order :S

work by Johnny Ace (photo: Sabina Campbell)

Work by Simon Abbott (photo: Sabina Campbell)
work by Ben Phe (photo: Sabina Campbell)
work by mee! (photo: Sabina Campbell)
work by meee (photo: Sabina Campbell)
we had films playing and stuff! (photo: Sabina Campbell)
more of meee (photo: Daniel!)
Keiron's installation! (photo: daniel)
Work by Ed Brown (photo: Daniel!)
work by meee! (photo: Daniel!)
my stuff! (photo: Daniel!)


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