4 May 2012

The Stampopolis Post

~long awaited~ Stampopolis post ;) on 14th April (my birthday!) myself and some of Art School Disco  took part in Urbandsey, a pop up exhibition at The Vibe gallery in Bermondsey, around the theme of 'Urban'.
My contribution was a 3m x 1.5m (almost)blank canvas for visitors to contribute to and build a city. I carved around 20 rubber stamps, allowing them to be put together in near-infinite combinations to make the elements of a city.
I started off the city centre at home, as documented in the below video:

my lovely husband helped me with the videos. superstar! below is some rough sheets i used to clean off the inks..

 I was very lucky that there were (at least!) 3 fantastic photographers at the show, who got some great snaps of the city growing.

Below: 3 photos by Miles Dell, including my /stamp-station/ (read: table i found in a bin)

Below: great snaps by Mike Brown. i was amazed at how many people interacted with the art!

Below 2 photos are by KLV who also took part in the show!

 before and after shot:

and finally, a fab video of the show!


Hannah Simpson said...

this is really nice, great idea! x

Katie said...

wahey,, thanks HS!