8 Jun 2011

Ejectorseat Arts Festival 2011

Well I'm very excited to be writing about my lovely weekend last week down in sunny Southampton. To be honest, you should really read Keiron's excellent blogposts about the event here. I've even stolen some of his photos for my little overview-- I'm still waiting to get my film photos developed!

The festival is in it's 2nd year, and after enjoying myself thoroughly in 2010 (as a punter) I jumped at the chance of selling my wares in the arts & craft market this year. I was really impressed with the variety of stalls and how sleek and professional they all looked! I have to give some massive credit to Daniel for setting up my stall so artistically!

Image by Keiron, of course! Down the front are some beautiful prints and digital collages which I was selling on behalf of Nina.

I also ~premiered~ some new products, including some handpainted badges. but i'll write more about these in another post :)
Simon gave me one of these cool metal tabs. definitely gonna get me some!
To the exciting stuff! There was lots of cool installations and events at the festival. Here's a snippet:
Keiron's Monarch Butterfly paper installation, inspired by this:

Images by Keiron: Giant Rangoli ~ Painted birdboxes by Simon Abbott, live epic illustration of The Odyssey by Hannah Simpson.
I even did a little swap with Simon and got my own lovely little yellow birdbox!


Teeny said...

Cute Katie, and well done. Your stuff is terrific!

Katie said...

aw thanks so much teens! the fest really was a great day!

Louise said...

I love the patterns on the badges!

softspoken said...

just adore those badges! can't wait till summer festivals start in my area :)